Values @ Spotify

Culture is the sum of peoples behavior. In an an dynamic environment we want to facilitate a adaptive behavior – a certain culture of thinking and acting – by describing it through certain values.

Values are nice but also needed to be specified via principles. „Openness“ is a nice value but what dose it means for daily work. So principles specify values to make it clear and practical.

Or think about „Trust“. What dose trust means for you and your company? Spotify has done some effort to clarify this for themselves:

People are trusted to:

  • Support and make decisions to make Spotify a success
  • Politely question each other to improve Spotify
  • Figure out the best way to work with each other (which process to use)
  • Find their own solutions to complex problems
  • Identify and attack problems themselves, rather than seeing them as someone else’s responsibility

Agile à la Spotify is a beautiful article about values and principles – so you can get an idea how it can look like.

More value examples and a do-it-yourself value toolkit in my article Valuable Values.


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