Good Practices to adapt Holacracy sucessfully

Springtest is talking about there challenges and their approaches to react.

  • Embrace the uncertainty. Honestly, we just try our best to use the process to create clarity around all the things we’re doing or want to be doing
  • Learn the rules! This might seem obvious, but we definitely should’ve placed more emphasis on this
  • Coach each other a lot. Especially for lead links, who might have been “managers” before Holacracy, this requires a lot of learning and peer-feedback
  • Try out different methods for synchronizing efforts. Currently, we’re trying to make our strategies more concrete, practice what you preach. Try to address people by stating your and their role
  • We should probably have placed more emphasis on learning the rules, and we’re correcting that now by doing more training.
  • Remind ourselves to not be creationists. We do try to focus on our tensions, so instead of talking only about the solution
  • We first said Holacracy was an experiment, and it was. However, when you’re further in the process it’s important to stress that the intention is to keep using it forever.

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