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I have never seen a company try to continuously improve themselves more than Spotify. … And they give teams every incentive to continuously improve what they do every day.

What I mean by that, is everyone one here really cares. … Care deeply. They all want to improve at everything they do.

Jonathan (the agile warrior) lately have fun at Spotify, sharing his fist impressions

Spotify’s Architektur

Soptifys Architektur klingt beeindruckend:

  • 20 Millionen Songs in der Cloud der Amazon Web Services
    jeweils in sechs Versionen, die die Songs in 2-5 Sekunden ausliefern können
  • vier eigene Rechenzentren mit  insgesamt 6000 Servern
    mit den Songs die am häufigsten gehört werden, damit die meisten Songs ohne Verzögerung starten
  • 400 Terabyte an Musik die Spotify täglich ausliefert

Weitere Details auf Netzwertig (Stand 10/2013) und mehr Infos auf t3n zu den Tools die Spotify vernendet auf t3n.

Improvement Theme Canvas

A great, lean implementation of Toyota Kata by Jimmy Janlén. The feedback of the teams where I introduced it was great. Easy to understand, easy to use.

You can use my Google Doc Template. Print it in A3 as a Canvas and the Post-It placeholder fits perfectly… Read more…

Values @ Spotify

Culture is the sum of peoples behavior. In an an dynamic environment we want to facilitate a adaptive behavior – a certain culture of thinking and acting – by describing it through certain values.

Values are nice but also needed to be specified via principles. „Openness“ is a nice value but what dose it means for daily work. So principles specify values to make it clear and practical.

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Spotify engineering culture (Part 1& 2)

Spotify insights about their engineering approach by Henrik Kniberg.

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Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds

Cutting Edge Liver & Thinker @ Spotify and the „famous“ Henrik Kniberg give us leading insideds how we can thing, organize and work together in Tribes, Squads, Chapers & Guilds.

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Product Management @ Spotify

Henrik Kniberg well known summary of the Product Management Cycle at Spotify: Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell