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„…being a great leader is like being a great gardener.“

That’s an allegory that guides me since 2008 is. 5 Attitudes to enhance it:

  1. Help teams grow organically
  2. Work with the nature of people
  3. Let people grow at their own pace
  4. Create an environment where everyone can thrive
  5. Embrace the cycle of change

Leadership – Werte und Grundsätze

„Wer Menschen  führen will, muss hinter ihnen gehen.“

Führung bedeutet nicht Menschen das eigenständige Handeln durch Anweisungen vorwegzunehmen, sondern sie in Ihrem zu stärken und dem Gemeinsamen eine Richtung zu geben.

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Managers use people to accomplish work; leaders use work to grow people.

… a reasonable starting process would be:

  1. Ask them what they want to do
  2. Ask them how they feel about areas for improvement
  3. Provide resources (training, books, mentoring) in areas they have an interest for
  4. Encourage “outsight” (input from people outside the organization) in their development
  5. Checkpoint regularly about how the process is going and if their goals have changed

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