Agile Project Management @ Zalando

I started writing about the agile project management framework that we created and use at Zalando Technology. I started setting up this framework in spring 2013 talking to the 20 different teams collecting their best practices and filling up the gaps with my experience and knowledge from over 10 years in projects and creating management frameworks.

It worked pretty well. I spotted 5 critical issues (or „ways to improve“) within Zalando Technology and addressed thous primarily within the framework.

I developed and implemented in an iterative approach based on what Jurgen Apello wrote about change management – looking and working first with innovators and early adopters.

When I „officially“ roll out for the the first version of the framework for the majority, some tools had been already in Version 10.

After a few month I set up an Kaizen Group or Guilde, meeting every 2 weeks and in between working on an self given improvement goal for the framework until the next meeting. I personal supported each team in the use of the framework for their specific project and by this I got a lot of direct feedback and improved the framework constantly based on this. Over the first year we improved very much on all this issues in all teams that made use of the framework.

Today I think it is a good framework, practice proved and well distributed through the teams.

For the future I think about something better. I have the vision of a (project) management framework that is

  • self creating, self adapting, self alignment self organizing with „build-in“ leadership / shared leadership
  • even more aligned with product management and agile software development

For this currently I have a deep dive into Holacracy. We started adapting and using some Holacratic practices within our projects and it worked very well. They addressed some of our newer critical issues, that came along with fast scaling and a growth in complexity. I believe we can handle this issues pretty fine with new practices.

Nevertheless, the current framework is a good, solid, agile and lean framework – very adaptive and flexible, supporting autonomy of the teams. So have a look…

Zalando Tech Blog: Our Project Management Framework
…and would love to get feedback from by comment on this side!



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