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A Build-in-Leadership Organisation

An organisation with leadership but no leaders, an organisation without a middle management, is faster, much more dynamic and innovative, more efficient and more productive. It’s an organisation where very everybody takes responsibility and enrich the organisational output constantly.

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Agile Project Management @ Zalando

I started writing about the agile project management framework that we created and use at Zalando Technology. I started setting up this framework in spring 2013 talking to the 20 different teams collecting their best practices and filling up the gaps with my experience and knowledge from over 10 years in projects and creating management frameworks.

It worked pretty well. I spotted 5 critical issues (or „ways to improve“) within Zalando Technology and addressed thous primarily within the framework. Read more…

Kaffeeriecherin in München, Berlin oder Tokio

Für eine befreundete, Kreative-Agentur suche ich eine Kaffeeriecherin als kreatives Multitalent mit offline Erfahrungen. Eine Kaffeealergie ist kein Einstellungshinderniss.

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