A Build-in-Leadership Organisation

An organisation with leadership but no leaders, an organisation without a middle management, is faster, much more dynamic and innovative, more efficient and more productive. It’s an organisation where very everybody takes responsibility and enrich the organisational output constantly.

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Agile Project Management @ Zalando

I started writing about the agile project management framework that we created and use at Zalando Technology. I started setting up this framework in spring 2013 talking to the 20 different teams collecting their best practices and filling up the gaps with my experience and knowledge from over 10 years in projects and creating management frameworks.

It worked pretty well. I spotted 5 critical issues (or „ways to improve“) within Zalando Technology and addressed thous primarily within the framework. Read more…

Agiles Projektmanagement am Limit

Beyond Project Management – Wenn Veränderungen schneller und komplexer sind als wir unser Methoden und Vorgehensweisen anpassen können.

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„…being a great leader is like being a great gardener.“

That’s an allegory that guides me since 2008 is. 5 Attitudes to enhance it:

  1. Help teams grow organically
  2. Work with the nature of people
  3. Let people grow at their own pace
  4. Create an environment where everyone can thrive
  5. Embrace the cycle of change

7 Key Elements to Balancing Good Project Management With Creative Freedom

„If you work in a creative industry, or have creative elements within your project team, it’s all about a good balance between creative flair and robust management to achieve the innovations you need…

Inspiring creativity whilst still keeping your finger on the pulse of day to day activities is challenging. Project managers can help themselves to achieve this balance by considering these seven key elements….“ Read the full article at PM Hut.

Agile Gaming

As children we had a lot of enthusiasm and therefor discovered a lot of new things every day.

Today we rediscover how playful & easy we can learn new things: so Agile Gaming is a beautiful way to learn new tools & techniques. Agile Games can find here:

… and play with others here:

Photo by Alexis Monville

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29 ways to stay creative

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